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MMA fans?

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  • MMA fans?

    Maybe I'm on an island all by myself here but do we have any MMA fans on SN?

    Tonights Ultimate Fighter Finale was fricken great.

    I've been ordering PPV's for a little bit now but tonight was just full of great fights. Warmachine-JRock was one of the best fights I've ever seen. I was yelling at the end of it and my old lady was telling me to stfu. Pretty cool.

    Chuck-Wand and Hughes-GSP on Dec. 28th!!!!!!

    MMA fan?? Let's talk.

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    I was watching the Mayweather Hatton showdown.


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      Grew up a big boxing fan. Can't even watch it anymore after getting into MMA. Still love the sport so I won't trash on it but it is terribly promoted/managed, there's pretty much one good and marketable fighter (Mayweather).

      I'd rather follow 15-20 insanely skilled in everything fighters in the UFC. They put on a great show every single month, where boxing has 2 good fights per year.


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        Once you start watching MMA it's a LOT harder to watch boxing. It's like getting off the interstate and having to drive 55.

        I still watch some boxing, especially Jermain Taylor's fights since he's from Arkansas.

        But MMA is so much better than boxing.

        The Ultimate Finale show was awesome and I totally agree on the War Machine - JRock fight. That's what MMA is all about.


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          As for the upcoming PPVs. I think it's sad that Chuck-Wandy is happening now instead of two years ago. I'm not that excited about it. It's hard to root for Chuck anymore. Not just because he's lost a few, but he just doesn't seem to care about fighting lately.

          I'm torn on Hughes-GSP because I'm a big Serra fan.


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            GSP >>>>


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              That highway analogy is brilliant. Did you come up with that yourself? I'll be using that down the road.

              Chuck-Wand has lost a bit of it's luster, sure it's a fight we still want to see but having both coming off 2 losses takes a little bite out of it.

              Rampage and Forrest are the next TUF coaches which means that the stacked light heavy weight division will have to wait quite a while to take on the winner.

              Oh and GSP>>>>all


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                Originally posted by Wheaties
                That highway analogy is brilliant. Did you come up with that yourself? I'll be using that down the road.

                haha, yep.


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                  HDNET is showing fights tonight, Frank Trigg and a few other names are on the card.