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i know lutz is not popular here...

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  • i know lutz is not popular here...

    ...with good reason, sometimes...but his article about jane today is not only right on, but had to be tough to write ...i can't imagine that it is easy to call for someone's head in such a public manner.

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    "I am pretty confident that he's not going to get a better coach than I am," she said. "If he let me go now and said 'go away,' they're going to pay me a whole lot of money. And who are they going to bring in? I can get it done."

    Wow!! This extension by JS is looking worse and worse all the time. I'm pretty sure I could be a better coach than Jane right now. ;-) :lol:
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    Don't worry too much about it. Just do all you can do and let the rough end drag.


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      as stated in his article, Jane is a great person, great ambassador to the athletic dept and university, she has all the attributes except winning with this program. Contrary to his statement, I do beleive there are some players on the current roster who are capable of winning! I don't agree with kicking a dog while its down (meaning the players) especially publically. Nothing like squashing what little confidence some of them may have left. How about showing a little positive support to the players and rally around them, don't support the coach that is fine but support the ladies....GO SHOCKS


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        i don't think it's his job to be a cheerleader for the program...if this team HAS d-1 talent, then even more of an indictment of jane and her staff.


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          It sounds like Jane has a nice ego or is just over-confident. Fire her Jim.... please!!


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            Jane was certainly in the spotlight in today's Eagle:

            There was Lutz article in which he expressed his opinion that, despite his fondness of Jane as a person, that it is time for a change and the OSU Associate Head Coach Jim Littell should be at the top of the list as a replacement.


            In fairness to Jane, Paul Suellentrop, authored an article that allowed Jane to make her case. (I am sure it is not accident these articles appeared on the same day).


            The Lutz article focuses on what Jane has done or perhaps, more accurately has failed to do.

            In the Suellentrop article Jane admits to past failures:

            "Last year, when I watched my team play we were horribly coached," she said. "I have corrected those things, and that's all I can do."
            but focuses on what she HOPES to do in the future.

            Perhaps Jane has corrected some of the horrible coaching from last year and her assistants appear to have taken the brunt of those corrections, although I think the changes made there were needed and were a move in the right direction.

            However, when you look at the season so far, I would say that in total I am just not seeing a team that makes me say, Wow, this team is so much better coached than in the past few years.

            I like a couple of the current freshman, in particular Sam Smith and Jenn DeGarmo and it may be that the two guards coming in next year along with Val Siemens will make a big difference. However, there is no assurance of that.

            We lose our top 2 scorers in Kiki and Kyrie from a team that is offensviely challenged. We lose Taylor who I think should have stayed put as tthe starting point guard and we lose Alex Bunton who has some size and plays hard and is a decent defender but not a great offensive player.

            Val Siemens may be more than capable of stepping in to Kyrie's role, however, replacing Kiki looks problematic unless someone unexpectedly steps up their game.

            Here are some of the issues evident during Jane's tenure:

            Her teams have consistently lead the MVC in turnvovers and have consistently had the poorest assist-turnover ratio in the league. Her teams seem to have great difficulty getting their offense set up and with the point guards doing an excessive amount of seemingly aimless dribbling on the perimeter. We get late in the shot clock and then one of players has to go one on one which many times results in a rushed or forced shot with perhaps Kiki being the only one capable of creating her shot.

            I would have to say that player development under Jane has also been lacking. The 4 seniors on this year's squad, Jane's first recruiting class, are only marginally better than they were as freshman, although they have been pretty consistent throughout their careers. As group their scoring and rebounding averages per game have been:

            As Freshman: 21.5 PPG and 11.4 RBG
            As Sophomores: 24.3 PPG and 10.5 RBG
            As Juniors: 27.6 PPG and 11.6 RPG
            As Seniors (so far): 24.9 PPG and 15.6 RBG

            They are no doubt better players now then when they were freshman, but the rate of their improvement does not seem to have kept up with the competition.

            Looking at the Junior class - do we see more than very marginal improvement over 3 years among Whitney Rice, Daria Frazier, Marcy Sudbeck and Frannie Vathauer, which was touted as a very good recruiting class.

            Jane's record of 46-86 (0.348) is the poorest among the six coaches we have had since 1974. Furthermore her MVC record during that time is an even worse 22-58 (0.275) and her road record at 7-56 (0.111) is just plain ugly. Not only that but the 56 losses on the road have come by an average deficit of 17 PPG. This year our road losses have been by an average of 23 PPG. Not sure what this inidicates, but a lack of mental toughness comes to mind. Keep in mind also that Jane was the first coach to have the huge benefit of the Roundhouse Renaissance to help with recruiting.

            Jane is confident that she is the best person available to build a successful program at WSU. She has had 5 years to provide evidence of that. That is as much or more than 3 of the previous 5 coaches.

            Has Jane EARNED another year. I think it is clear that she has not. Will she get another year. I have no idea. The biggest thing in her favor is that she apparently (according to Suellentrop's article) has 3 years remaining on her contract after this season at $115,000 per year. Not sure what it would take to buy her out, but it sounds like Jane is willing to play hard ball on this.

            If Schaus decides he can't afford a buy out and decides to keep Jane on then he has to deal with declining season ticket sales and fan interest.

            Jane is in a tough spot because in order to turn around the program she needs to continue to upgrade the recruiting. That is made much tougher with a Coach clearly under fire and with the no assurances on how much longer she will be around. Don't think that won't be used agaisnt her in the recruiting battles. I don't see any more contract extensions in her near future.

            Maybe this team will read Lutz article and finish the year on an inspired positive run and save Jane's job. Absent that happening, Mr. Schaus has a tough situation on his hands.

            I for one agree with Bob Lutz, or maybe it is Bob Lutz agreeing with me, that is time to make a change.


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              if she is a good Christian woman, she will not play hardball on a buyout...she has been given a HUGE is time for a change.


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                I'm not sure that Jane's religious beliefs will have a lot to do with it.

                I know a lot of Christians who are tough business people. If Jane, in fact, has 3 years remaining on her contract after the end of this season then she does have some leverage.

                It is difficult for me to believe that Jim Schaus would not have some kind of buyout provision in Jane's contract in the event her performance failed to meet certain minimum standards. Perhaps one-year's salary. But maybe not.


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                  Originally posted by molly jabali
                  if she is a good Christian woman, she will not play hardball on a buyout...she has been given a HUGE is time for a change.
                  A contract is a contract. You're saying that if she's a good Christian she shouldn't expect or accept what is in the contract that she signed?

                  Schaus didn't have to extend the contract. He did. WSU needs to honor their commitment.

                  I always find it funny when someone expects a Christian to just bend over and get screwed because it would be the "Christian thing to do". Hogwash.


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                    Considering that CGM has a $250,000 buyout on his contract, about 25% of salary, I can't see Jane's buyout being more than $30,000 per year left on her contract.

                    Losing by an average of 18.6 points per game pretty much says it all.

                    Jane is trying to save face from her miserable record over the last five years.
                    Like I have stated before, mediorce coaches are still trying to figure out their problems, instead of having resolved like a good coach does.

                    Schaus would do himself a big favor by replacing her as soon as possible, preferably with Jim Littell.


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                      That buyout doesn't work both ways.


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                        "I am pretty confident that he's not going to get a better coach than I am," she said.
                        I guess Jane is saying that in her opinion the best we should expect out of our Women's program is a 0.350 winning percentage and no shot at MVC championships or post-season play. I for one do not accept that premise.

                        "If he let me go now and said 'go away,' they're going to pay me a whole lot of money.
                        Negotiating in the newspaper. Not sure Jim Schaus will like that.

                        "And who are they going to bring in?"
                        Jim Littell

                        "I can get it done."
                        No evidence of that to date.


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                          Albright said she believes Schaus will give her next season, at least, to improve.
                          I hate to break it to Jane, but she was pretty much in the same situation at the end of last year.

                          This year was given to her to improve. Hasn't happened. Gig is up.


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                            If the only winning season in a female or male coach's five year tenure is a mediocre 15-13, then it is time for them to go.


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                              Obviously, the losses have stacked up in this program....and the wins have not.....YET.
                              I think a person (including Jim Schaus) has to look at the state of the program on Albright's arrival here to put things in perspective. She inherited 5 seniors who had MAJOR fractures in their sense of team, if there was a sense of team at all. Most of the players on that squad did not have a SINGLE OTHER D-1 offer for scholarship. The underclassmen for a variety of reasons, did not even complete their eligibility, with the exception of (I think) Antionette and Tenia Green. Kelsey Richardson, Rochelle Busenitz, Alicia Cade, Candace Burns. She walked in to a BUST of a program. She had to build it from the absolute ground up.
                              There are 2 ways you can build from the ground up. One way is to use Juco transfers to jump start things. This is often very effective, as evidenced by the turnaround at Oklahoma State. It is, however, a little more risky. After all, these players would already be at D-1 schools if they weren't high risk with academics or social behaviors or something. Apparently, Jim asked her not to go this route, as he has repeatedly stated "I have asked her to do this the RIGHT way." and he has indicated that the right way would take some time.
                              The second way to rebuild is MUCH slower...especially if the cupboard is bare, as I have indicated above. It takes, usually 4-5 years to rebuild with quality high school graduates. In her 3rd year, the Shocker women went 15-13. That is when we all expected a great follow-up year. Schaus expected it, Albright expected it, the players expected it. Even the other Valley coaches expected it, picking the Shockers to finish 2nd in their preseason poll. But it did not happen. Why? Did Jane, the ALL-TIME WINNINGEST COACH at not one, but TWO Division one schools, suddenly forget how to coach? I think not. As has been discussed on this board previously, 4 of the Shockers 6 or 7 best players last year had injuries/illnesses that prevented them from playing even close to their capabilities for the majority of the season last year. (Kiki, Daria, Whitney, and Jacie Hoyt.)
                              What did our coach do? Make excuses? No. She took the opportunity when two assistants left to put in place 2 exceptional assistants. She took her staff to work with Pat Summitt and her staff for several days. She installed a new defense, which has been much more effective than the old defense. She and her staff signed 4 GREAT freshmen, including 2 BCI All-Americans. (As far as I know, WSU women's basketball has never before signed even one high school all-American.)
                              So this team now truly acts like a TEAM and plays good team defense most of the time. New offensive schemes are allowing the players to get good looks at open shots which would be considered high-percentage shots. These girls have gone thru a shooting slump of sorts, however, and scoring has been difficult. This team has played 2 BCS schools to within 10 points (Indiana and Wake Forest). They lost to 2 top 25 ranked schools by 40 points early on...but then lost to #24 Ill St by only 18 last week DESPITE having trouble getting shots to fall (only 33% from the field, I think). That, folks is IMPROVEMENT...22 points less in the margin of loss to a top 25 team.
                              With just a LITTLE bit of confidence and a few shots falling early in a couple of games, and this becomes a REAL program! The results look to be just around the corner. A STRONG foundation has been laid.....just hang on and see what great things are about to happen.