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    Same batting/fielding lineup with LaurenH in the circle for the Shocks.


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      Lauren not fooling anyone in the top of the 1st. A scorching liner to lead off the game fortunately was hit right at Taylor in right for the 1st out. The next batter hit a sinking liner to left that Addie managed to snag off her shoetop. The 3-hole hitter followed with a solid ground ball single up he middle. The clean up hitter took a made to order center cut fastball over the wall just to the right of center to put Minnesota up 2-0. Lauren induced a groundball to 2nd on a change up to end the inning.

      Syd made solid contact leading off for the Shocks in the top of 1st but line out to let. Addie was called out strikes on a very questionable pitch. Lulu single sharply up he middle. Zoe was fooled on a change up and tapped back to the pitcher.

      This ump looks to have a much more expansive strike zone than the guy behind the plate in the UNC game. Also one thing that is noticeable with the Shocks face off against these P-5 teams like Nebraska, Arkansas and Minnesota is how much bigger their players are compared to the Shocks.

      Lauren had a much easier time of it in the 2nd setting down the Gophers in order.

      Lolo took the first pitch in the bottom of the 2nd of her her right hip bone. Taylor worked the count full and lined a change up just foul into the left field corner. She then lined the next pitch over the shortstop to the wall in left center for a double with Lolo advancing to 3rd. Taylor seems to be swinging the bat with a lot of confidence right now. Lainee, who is having a terrible time of it, ground to short who went home. Lolo head back to 3rd but was tagged out about 8 feet from the bag. Taylor made a bad baserunning misktake and got hung up between 2nd and 3rd but luckily made it to 3rd safely. Sami popped up in foul territory to the first base side but the ball popped out of the first basemans glove and she ended up walking. So the Shocks had the bases loaded with only 1 out thanks to the Gophers generosity. Kristin hit a solid ground ball to the right side but the 2nd baseman was able to field it and get the out at 1st with Taylor scoring and Lainee and Lolo moving up to 2nd and 3rd with 2 outs and Syd coming to the plate. Syd again hit the ball solidly to left but the leftfielder was able to run it down.
      Shocks trail 2-1 after 2.

      Minnesota's 9-hole hitter, who leads the Gophers in batting average, led of the 3rd with a home run to center to make it 3-1. In the bottom of the inning a 2-out single and a Lolo walk put runners on 1st and 2nd but Taylor popped out to 2nd. Gophers 3 - Shockers 1.

      Minnesota's cleanup hitter led off the 4th inning with her 2nd home run of the game and the was it for LaurenH as Alison came on in relief. Alison gave up soft liner off the end of the bat that Syd fielded on one hop on the edge of the outfield grass but had not play. After getting ahead of the next hitter Alison uncorked to wild pitches at 0-2 and 1-2 to mover the runner to 3rd. The count moved to 3-2 and the hitter just missed a double into the right field corner. That was followed by fly to medium right filed with the runner tagging at 3rd. Taylor's throw probably beat the runner but it to kind of a high bounce and Lainee was not able to get the tag down in time.

      The Shocker got more help from the Gophers on a walk and an error putting runners on 1st and 3rd with 2 outs but Addie popped out to the second baseman.

      Minnesota leads 5-1 after 4.

      Alison, gets the first 2 batters in the 6th but a walk and a single to center put runners on 1st and 2nd. The next batter hit a line drive a bit to the left of Syd who was able to get enough glove on the ball to keep it in the infield as the ball rolled behind 2nd. The runner from 2nd tried to score and Syd made an accurate throw to Lainee to get the out home.

      In the bottom of the 5th a Lulu walk followed by a very well hit line drive to center that just did get over the centerfielder put runners and 2nd and 3rd for the Shocks with Lolo due up. Lolo got ahead in the count 3-0. Took a change up for a strike (maybe), took a pretty good belt high pitch for a stirke and then dribble a slow grounder to 2nd that did not advance the runners. Taylor flied out to left field with Lulu tagging and scoring. Lainee hits an easy 2 hopper to short to end he inning.

      Minnesota 5 - Shocks 2 after 5. The Shocks have had quite a few opportunities but have just not been able to cash them in.

      An infield single followed by a misplayed bunt by Alison put runner on 1st and 2nd for the Gophers to start the 6th. A slow, high chop over Alison's head was field by Syd who got the out at first with the runners moving up to 2nd and 3rd. A line drive heading through the 5-6 hole was snagged by Syd who laid out and for the backhanded catch. A fly ball to left ended the threat.

      Syd reached on a 2-out bunt single in the bottom of the 7th but Addie struck out on a check swing.

      Still 5-2 heading to the 7th inning.

      A one-out infield single followed by a strike-out and a one hopper back to Alison takes care of Minnesota in the top of the 7th.

      Lulu, Zoe and Lolo due up for the Shocks in their final at bat unless they score 3 runs. Down in order.

      Final Line Score:
      Minnesota: 5-10-2-6
      Wichita St: 2-5-5-9 (The most significant of those may be the 9 runners LOB)

      No games tomorrow. The Shocks are now scheduled to play Northern Colorado at 1:15 and South Dalota State at 3:30 on Sunday.

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        Other Sunday Game

        South Dakota State 11-2 Northern Colorado


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          Game Three

          Northern Colorado at Shockers

          Lineup: After Taylor in the six-hole, it is Sami, Lainee, and Krystin. Alex is in the circle for the Shocks and Caviness for the Bears.

          A single for Northern Colorado in each of the first two innings, but nobody reaches scoring position. The first baserunner for the Shockers is a solo blast from Lolo in the second. After two-out error that allows Sami to reach, Lainee triples on a badly played ball in right-center to drive Sami home. Krystin follows with a single to score another. Shockers, 3-0 after two.

          No base runners in the third, Still 3-0.

          Three more outs and eight in a row for Alex.

          Lolo walks to leadoff the Shocks fourth, and Sami homers with Siera, a pinchrunner, scoring in front of her. With two outs, Krystin doubles, Syd singles her home, and Addison slugs a two-run homer. 8-0 Shocks after four complete.

          With two outs, Alex gives up a double, a wild pitch, a walk and a hit batter to load the bases. An error by Krystin allows a run home. Lolo walks but nothing more for the Shocker in the bottom of the fifth. 8-1 Shockers after five.

          Three up, three down for the Bears in the sixth. Krystin singles with one out, is forced out by Sydney, but Addison delivers a two-run blast. Ball Game.

          Northern Colorado 1-10(6) Shockers

          Alex has a very nice outing: one unearned run over six innings on three hits, one walk and one hit batter. She had two strikeouts.

          Krystin had three hits and Addison had two, both homers, along with four RBI. Lolo and Sami also homered.
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            Game Four

            South Dakota State at Shockers

            Lineup: Same lineup with Alison in the circle. Shannon Lasey is pitching for the Jackrabbits.

            Alison issues a two-out walk but no more. Syd's bunt single leads off Shocker half. With one out, Lauren is on with a force out. She steals second but is stranded. No score after one.

            The Lady Jacks receive another two-out walk in the second, and a double scores her. Lolo walks to start the Shocker second, but nobody can move her. 1-0 Out Dakota State after two.

            Three outs in a row in the top of the third.

            [Away for the duration]
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              It was 1-1 for a long time, then Cooper gave up 2 runs in the top of the 7th. With 2 outs and trailing 1-3, four consecutive singles from Lucas, Jones, Mills, and Sedlacek completed the walkoff comeback! Nice win to end the weekend.


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                Really nice 7th inning comeback for the Shocks in the South Dakota State game after being pretty much throttled for 6.2 innings.

                I mentioned during the Minnesotat game that Taylor Sedlacek was swinging the bat with5th, a lot of confidence halfway through her feshman season. While she did strikeout in her fist 2 at at vs SDS and laid down a sac bunt in the, she completed the 2-out 3-run game winning rally in the bottom of the 7th to deiiver the walk-off game winner. That certainly won't hurt her confidence.

                Good to see Addie deliver 3 home runs this weekend. If she can find her groove along with the trending improvement from the back end of the lineup the Shocks should be ready to get after it as AAC play opens soon.

                I was out-of-pocket all day and unable to follow today's games other than catching an update on the score a few times. At least with ESPN+ I can catch a full replay.
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