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Shocker SB v Arkansas

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    Average reported/paid attendance this year is 677. Not sure if they have actual attendance numbers and not sure how many season tickets have been sold. But that's a pretty solid number this early in the year when the weather is not exactly pleasant. But if 847 is a sellout with some SRO then that's a pretty good number.

    It will be interesting to see what happens with the attendance once the weather moderates. Especially for the OU and OSU games although both are on Tuesday evenings and it can still be quite cool in April.

    Having most of the games available on ESPN+ no doubt moderates live attendance to some degree.

    The best thing college softball and baseball could do IMHO would be to push the season back by a couple of months. Especially softball as there are not all that many opportunities for college kids to play in the summer, although that is starting to percolate a little.


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      The OU game is already sold out. I don't know how sells are for the OSU game.
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        The largest NCAA stadium is at Alabama with a capacity of 3940, but I expect that is not all chair back seating. It possibly includes berm, standing room and other forms. The four SEC programs I looked at were all more than 2000. Others in the AAC or in the area are USF/1500, Houston/1200, UCF/600, OU/1378 (soon to be 2414), KU/1100, and OSU/750. Again, caveats about what that number includes. Of course, these are just seats. There is more to the utility of a stadium than seats.