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Shockers v SMU

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  • Shockers v SMU

    The Shockers close out their season with two matches at home, one on Wednesday and the other on Friday. They play SMU at 7 pm on Wednesday. The Mustangs are part of a three-way tie for third in the AAC with Cincinnati and the Shocks with a record of 12-6. The Shockers won a match 3-2 in Dallas last month.

    Pablo has the Shockers with a 58% probability of a win, that because of the home court.

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    This is a quick turn around from Sunday. It may be to SMU's advantage to have played Friday and Sunday at home with them scoring nice wins over Tulane (3-0) and Houston (3-1) while being able to sleep in their own beds while the Shockers were traipsing over to Cincinnati, then on to East Carolina via a mess at the Atlanta airport and then the long flight back to Wichita.

    On the other hand neither team will have a lot of practice time. That may work in the Shocks favor since they are limited on what practicing they do anyway trying to avoid injuries especially where they have no depth.

    It will be interesting to see if Lambo goes with Morgan Weber or Kaitlyn Newsome. Perhaps they will both get a shot and he will ride with whoever is most effective.

    Morgan has seemingly won this role and Kaitlyn has played very little in the last 5 matches. But Morgan was not very effective in 3.5 sets against ECU and Kaitlyn took over for the final half of the 4th set against ECU and played pretty well. The Shocks outscored ECU 20-10 after Kaitlyn entered the match but that is not to say she was the primary reason for that. Morgan also was not that effective in the 1st match against SMU hitting 4-4-20 = .000. Could be Kaitlyn may have a bit fresher legs at this point since she has not played much in the last few weeks.

    I also expect Kayce will be back in charge of the offense. Hailey Plugge did okay in relief of Kayce late in the 3rd set against ECU but the Shocks fell behind 5-15 against ECU in the 4th set with Kayce taking over with the Shocks trailing ECU 8-16. The Shocks outscored ECU 17-5 after that.

    Hopefully, Morgan Stout can get back on track offensively. Over her last 3 matches she is 10-11-45 = -.022. She is still defending at the net effectively but has been shut down offensively. Her most effective attack seems to me to be the slide behind the setter but I wonder if opposing defenses have now figured that out. She will play though as Lambo has no alternatives in the middle.

    SMU has won 7 of their last 9 matches. Their only losses were to UCF (not surprising) and to Memphis who is 5-13 in AAC play.

    Again with all due respect to Mr. Pablo I think this match is a toss-up at best and considering the way the two teams have been playing lately and with the tough travel the Shocks had this weekend I think I would install SMU as a modest favorite to win this match. SMU certainly has the athletes on their roster to make that the case and that roster is dominated by Seniors and Juniors.
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      Set 1

      Two key players fro SMU, senior setter Lily Heim and senior outside hitter Rachel Woulfe, did not make the trip. No reason given.

      Shocks jump out to an 8-2 lead.

      Shocks extend the lead to 8 at 14-6. SMU uses its 2nd timeout of the set.

      SMU scores 4 straight coming out of the timeout to cut the leadt to 10-14. SMU has a terrific libero.

      Shocks go up 1-0 with a 25-19 Set 1 win.

      I wouldn't say the Shocks are playing great but good enough. Natalie looked very good for the Shocks.

      Set 2

      A 4 point run by the Shocks gives them a 13-9 lead and SMU calls a timeout. Shocker passing has not been very good this set but Kayce is doing a great job making it work. Natalie continues to play well.

      The Shocks and SMU trade point to 22-18 and the Shocks score 3 in row to put the set away 25-18.

      Shocks outhitting SMU .324 to .133. The Shocks have 5 blocks to only 2 for SMU.

      I think Kayce is playing very well. Spreading the ball around well.

      Set 3

      Shocks lead 15-13 at the media timeout in a kind of ho-hum set so far. Shocks need to keep feeding Natalie as much as possible.

      Tight set. Shocks lead 20-19. Lambo calls a timeout.

      SMU comes from bedhind to win the set 25-23.

      When Kayce, MorganS and MorganW are on the front row scoring becomes a real challenge for the Shocks.

      Set 4

      SMU goes up 5-0. The Shocker's back row must lead the AAC, if not the nation, in overpasses. Sheesh..

      SMU goes up 10-4. The only thing the Shocks have going for them is the Kayce to Natalie connection and that's only on half the rotations.

      This is not looking good.

      SMU extends the lead to 14-4.

      Shocks saved 2 set points but need to save another 11. SMU wins Set 4 25-13 and has huge momentum heading into Set 5.

      It appears the Shocks decided to get a head start on their Thanksgiving Holiday.

      Set 5

      SMU goes up 5-2 as our back row continues to struggle. Lambo calls a timeout but not sure where the answers will come from.

      Shocks right the ship for now. tied at 6-all. Sophia started to take some aggressive swings.

      SMU takes control with 3 in a row to take an 11-8 lead. Lambo uses his final timeout.

      SMU expands the lead to 4 at 13-9. A Sophia kill and an SMU error make it 13-11. SMU takes a timeout.

      It's pretty much do or die time for the Shocks in this one.

      SMU attack called just wide of the left sideline. SMU challenges. The call stands and SMU leads 13-12.

      An SMU kill makes it 14-12 and gives them 2 match points.

      SMU wins it 15-12 and 3-2.

      Kudos to SMU. They just wanted it more and overcame the adversity of having two key players unavailable.
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        Too many errors, but sans Heim & Woulfe, this is an SMU team we should handle quickly.


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          This has been ridiculously unbelievable. What an awful way to finish one of the last 2 matches.


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            Natalie was very good hitting 17-3-29 = .483.

            MorganW had a good match hitting 11-1-27 = .370

            i thought Kayce was pretty good especially considering what her teammates gave her to work with.

            SMU's passing was far superior to the Shocks.


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              Originally posted by 1972Shocker View Post

              SMU's passing was far superior to the Shocks.
              Yes, the serve/receive and passing, in general, went south, we rarely got a good swing and our block disappeared. 20-17 in the third, and we could not bring it home.


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                Other Wednesday Matches

                UCF 3-0 Tulane
                20, 18, 25

                USF 0-3 Houston
                23, 20, 18

                East Carolina 0-3 Cincinnati
                22, 23, 15

                Memphis 3-2 Tulsa
                18, (17), (22), 25, 11
                This is not a good sign.

                UCF at Houston is the big match on Friday with at-large bid implications.

                EDIT: From VT again -
                Houston's situation is very unique. In real-time, they are 2-0 vs. T25 teams and 4-1 vs. teams 1-50 in RPI. However, if they beat UCF again, they could actually lose a T25 win by doing so. They also have losses to #139 Tulsa, #171 Alabama, and #225 East Carolina.
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                  Originally posted by flyingMoose View Post
                  Yes, the serve/receive and passing, in general, went south, we rarely got a good swing and our block disappeared. 20-17 in the third, and we could not bring it home.
                  This has generally been an issue throughout the season from my perspective. But I haven't heard Lambo say too much about it so maybe it's better than I realize.