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Rumblings at Cal State Fullerton about Football...

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  • Rumblings at Cal State Fullerton about Football...

    Nothing official yet, but the student body president is teamed up with a former players group to try and make some noise. Interestingly, one of those ex players is Steve Mariucci. Is there a pattern here of using popular football alumnnist to kick start a program? At WSU we have a list that runs 3 or 4 deep when it comes to old coaches/with WSU ties that are now household names. Interesting read anyways, if anything becomes official I will update here. As for now, if its on the internet it has to be true right?
    Petition To Reinstate Cal State Fullerton Titan Football
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    It’s been 15 years since the Cal State Fullerton Football Team played it’s last game in Titan Stadium. Even though Cal State Fullerton is best known for its four-time national championship baseball program, there are many that still yearn for the days when the Titans also played football. Recent reunions involving former players and coaches has opened up conversations about reinstating the Cal State Fullerton Football Program. Those conversations are not just all talk about how it was back in “the good ‘ol days”. Apparently the interest in bringing the program back has drawn the attention of the Cal State Fullerton Associated Students President. Heather Williams has scheduled a town hall meeting for November 29, 2007 to discuss the possibility of bringing back the football program. In an effort to maximize support for the reinstatement of the Cal State Fullerton Football Team, an online petition has been created and will be presented at the meeting.

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    Fullerton is still progressing with the Football talks. Alumni are involved and the President is listening to the arguments while all look at the facts. The bring back Titan Football group is now recongized by the alumni association as an official part of its organization. The bottom line is they are having dialouge. The President says it will take 4 million a year in extra funds to run the football program and Title IX related cost. Maybe it is to big of a hurtle to overcome, maybe not. At least they are discussing it!

    Here is the link the Alumni group that is now officially part of the alumni association. I think the link is a touch outdated but they plan a re-launch of the site in Mid March.


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      Here is the link to their monthly newsletter.