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Final ShockerNet t-shirt design

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  • Final ShockerNet t-shirt design

    Here is the what the front of the t-shirt will look like:

    And a larger view of the graphic:

    The back of the shirt will display the SN URL ( plus something along the lines of "sponsored by Jocks & Jills". The exact look of the back is being finalized. The shirts are white, 100% cotton (pre-shrunk) and "name-brand".

    At this point, here is how I'm planning to do it:

    - I will create an ordering page to accept PayPal payments.

    - There will be a period of accepting "pre"-orders (to ensure the initial purchase cost is covered). We will need at least 40-45 orders before placing the final order to have the shirts made (70 of you have already indicated a willingness to buy, so 40-45 shouldn't be a problem). I'm hoping two weeks should do it, but if it takes longer, we'll just be patient.

    - Once the shirts are done, I will ship them out.

    Right now I expect the prices to be $12 for sizes S-XL and $13.50 for 2XL and 3XL. That price includes tax. Shipping and handling will be an additional $3-$4 once I decide how best to ship them (probably USPS).

    This is subject to change as we finalize the details. Any changes will be communicated before we accept any orders.

    I certainly welcome your feedback, here or via PM. Just keep in mind that the design and shirt color is final. I think Jocks & Jills came up with a nice, simple design at a good price.

    If you thought you were going to buy one but for whatever reason have changed your mind, please send me a PM just so I can revise my quantity estimate.

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    I like it especially the Earth wind and Fire symbols.


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      Looks terrific! May I ask why not yellow shirts (or gold)?


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        Originally posted by pinstripers
        Looks terrific! May I ask why not yellow shirts (or gold)?
        I agree. I went from moderately interested to absolutely not interested when I saw the color.


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          Regarding t-shirt color, I wanted to keep the SN logo unchanged (or as unchanged as possible). Due to it having so much yellow fill, on a yellow shirt it would just look like a thin black outline, losing any visual impact it might have.


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            What about a sporty grey color? I would buy that. Probably would not buy the white. It doesn't go with my eyes... :lol:


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              I'd go for keeping with the site theme

              Just not a fan of white shirts


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                yep in my white tee yep in my white tee.

                Ill still take one.

                If we can do black as well ill take one of those too


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                  No matter what color was chosen, someone wouldn't like it.

                  Perhaps a future design can be done to work better with a non-white shirt. I hope in a couple of years there will be enough demand for another t-shirt project. I'd love to do a black one!

                  As for yellow, don't get me wrong, I like it. I have 5 yellow WSU shirts. But IMO, that is part of the problem. I like to be at least a little different!


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                    I like it. Good job RS. White, grey, black, yellow...doesn't matter to me.


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                      thanks royal. your sweet. :rofl:
                      WEB SHOWS


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                        Long-sleeved or short-sleeved? I would buy and wear a long-sleeved t-shirt, but rarely wear short-sleeved t-shirts.


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                          They will be short-sleeved.


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                            I think it looks great!
                            "You can observe a lot just by watching."
                            -- Yogi Berra


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                              Looks like you're one out of 12, Royal!

                              As for an excellent use for a white tee shirt, please see the following:

                              Wear your seatbelt.