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Marshall's first commercials....

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  • Marshall's first commercials....

    Nope, not cherry mudslides.

    Johnston's Clothiers:
    The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off.

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    /pops in ZZ Top


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      Johnston's does a great job with their store. Section 37 rocks as well. Some of you old farmers ought to get over there and dump your Jed Clampett threads.


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        I'm glad he took my advice!!!! :goshocks:
        Originally posted by Big Ol' Badass Balla
        OK, I'm not trying to hijack this thread but...

        What in the hell is with the suit Marshall is wearing in his flip-flop photo? It's like Deion Saners and Michael Irvin meet Zoot Suit Riot.
        Gregg, we love you and you're going to do great here in Wichita. You're making a lot of money now. Please take it and go to Johnston's or Von Maur and pick up a Hart, Schaffner & Marx, Donna Karan or Ralph Lauren.

        Hi Fashion Suits in Wichita or Harold Pener Man of Fashion in Kansas City are not options for a man making three-quarter of a million dollars a year.

        Before anyone throws a fit...look at the picture. You can't deny the truth. I sure can't handle the truth.
        Originally posted by wu_shizzle
        Originally posted by rjl
        That suit looks to be a nice, classic black or brown (hard to tell in the pic) pinstripe. Hardly a Deon Sanders special.

        Ironically, it could be a Ralph Lauren. Maybe Armani. I've seen both makers offer something very similar, if not exactly the same.

        Like much of everything else, Badass, your fashion knowledge seems to be a little off.
        As a former salesman of both Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani tailored clothing, I can tell you they don't make 4-button coats with polished brass buttons. I highly doubt the maker of that suit is one that advertises in GQ or similar men's magazines.

        Sorry RJL, but I'm with B.O.B.B.
        Wichita State, home of the All-Americans.


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          Has anyone seen the commercial yet?? If so, what channel did you see it on?