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  • New Uni's

    I've been told that the art for the new Uni's are in. And yes, it is NIKE.

    The Home one will be like Ohio State's but with black in place of the red.

    The away one will be a really close to Colorado and VCU's unis.

    No word on the yellows yet, may not use any. (I sure hope the last part is wrong)

    Also, the Nike Presence is felt a lot more on these uniforms. The art actually had swooshes on them.

    I may do a search when I get home from work to get some images of the described uni's if nobody beats me to it.
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    this upsets me to a extent.

    Better for marketing so hopefully I can open up my eastbay and see a shocker jersey.

    But bad because niketown jerseys are uglier than a native of carbondale.


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      I saw Ohio State in the sweet 16 last year. IMHO, their unis are gawdawful.


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        Syracuse used the same type.

        They looked like a form of spandex.
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          Like this?

          Or This?


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            I don't think you can make these look good. BLAH!


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              Those things are REALLY ugly!


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                TxShox asks the right question. Are they the new style uni's OSU used for the NCAA's, as in his 1st picutre, or the ones they used all year before. The difference that makes would be huge.
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                  Unfortunately, as long as Nike is the highest bidder, the sports-fashion world is at their mercy.


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                    Re: New Uni's

                    Originally posted by SubGod22
                    No word on the yellows yet, may not use any. (I sure hope the last part is wrong)
                    If no yellow uni's...VIVA LA REVOLUTION!!!
                    That rug really tied the room together.


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                      I sincerely hope this thread is completely wrong as the styles referenced stink and what's all the sh'tuff about no yellows?!?!?!?

                      I certainly hope this wrong Sub, I truly do.

                      Go Shocks!!!!
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                        All you have to do is look at Oregon to know the fashion faux pas that Nike is capable of in the sporting world.

                        U G L Y Nike ain't got no alibi......


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                          i dont care what they look like, as long as they win
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                            For those interested in this subject you may want to check out these links...



                            You may just find what your looking for :whistle:

                            Oh and I almost forgot baseball...



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                              I found the WSU jerseys in that PDF and while they aren't awful, I certainly don't like the white letters/numbers with yellow box-shadows.