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The "Flutie Effect"

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  • The "Flutie Effect"

    Pretty interesting.

    Va. Tech researcher studies link between athletic success, applications

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    Yes, it was interesting, and gives credence to what was known before, and that is:

    For a light to shine, it has to be turned on first.


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      And the key unanswered question, "What happened at WSU?" Anyone know if enrollment went up?


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        What is interesting is that enrollment peaked at 17,000 the last year we had football and dropped to 15,000 by the time Scott Thompson had taken over the reigns as basketball coach. KSU was in danger of falling below WSU the year WSU dropped football and brought in Bill Snyder a couple of years later. Their enrollment grew to 21,000 in 1990 and hit 23,000 this fall. WSU enrollment has hovered around 14,000 for the last 6-7 years. Fall enrollment 2007 was 14,442.
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