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  • Northern Arizona Game

    Maybe it's to early to be talking about the next game, as the mourning over the Indiana State loss is ongoing.

    Anyway here is the LumberJacks schedule/results for the year:

    Not all that impressive overall. They have played 5 Top 100 teams (Arizona, Kansas, Western Kentucky, UNLV and Utah State) winning 64-61 at home against Western Kentucky.

    The remaining schedule has an average RPI of 237 and that does not include games against Adams State and Haskell.

    They are 16-10 overall and 9-3 at home.

    Not sure how much of a factor the 6,910 ft. elevation will be for the short-handed Shocks but HCGM and his staff may want to have a plan for distributing some minutes here and there to save some legs.

    It will be interesting to see how this team reacts to 3 consecutive OT losses capped off by the Indiana State collapse.

    Only thing left for the players to play for at this point is pride and that may very well not be enough.

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    I can't believe they play Haskell. NAIA DII Newman would regularly beat Haskell by 30 until they moved out of their conference a few years ago. It has to be a trip home to Arizona for some of their players.

    16-10 is still 16-10. They know how to win. Maybe we'll learn this trip. 61-49 Shocks.


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      Okay, here's the deal. It's time for FSF to quit licking the wounds of 3 OT losses. This is a winnable game. It would be nice to see the Shocks gain some momentum on our march to St. Louie, louie. PT will not foul out in this game. PJ will have his best game this year as the Shocks win in O.T. and MB hits a 3 at the buzzer!!!!!!!

      Shox's------------------------------------ 70

      The Lumberjacks from the Big Sky----68
      Shocker basketball will forever be my favorite team in all of sports.


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        Elevation of Flagstaff is almost 7,000 feet. Not the recipe for a team with no depth. The starters will need 2 minute breaks from time to time.


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          I'll take WSU to be so tired from the 3 pairs of shoes they wore out today, and the 3 more they will wear out tomorrow, that they just send Matt up the court to score while everyone else rests.

          Shox will win this game by building up such a large lead that even a 35-0 run can't win NA the game.

          Shox 92
          UNA 91


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            WSU is up by 30 at the half, and then gives a away, and down by 2 Brauer running 3 pointer at the buzzer rattle out, then off the backback and then in, shocks win by 1 in dramatic fashion.

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              WSU - 65

              NAU - 74
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                In looking at NAU Lumberjack stats, their main scorers are 2 6'9" players, and their 2 guards.



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                  I do not see a NAU message board in the "links of interest". Do they have a board?
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                    NA - 73
                    WSU - 54

                    I just don't see us getting up for a meaningless out of conference game this deep in the season.
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                      Originally posted by BA2929
                      NA - 73
                      WSU - 54

                      I just don't see us getting up for a meaningless out of conference game this deep in the season.
                      We clinched a play-in round finish a couple of games ago. Since then all our remaining games are pretty meaningless. There really is little difference IMO between a 7-10 matchup and and 8-9 matchup in the play-in round.

                      That's why I say all that is left to play for is pride and self-respect until MVC Tourney time gets here.


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                        The NAU Lumberjacks forum is:


                        but nothing is there.