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Why this season tanked

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  • Why this season tanked

    This season is almost a "Perfect Storm" of situations that built and fed off each other.

    Cooz - Turgeon was his "Dad" away from home. It's like his Mom got a divorce, and remarried. Now Marshall is his "Dad" and is pretty demanding. It's probably not a good situation for coach or player. Some chemistry issues wouldn't be surprising.

    Thomasson - Has had 3 coaches in 5 years. Is probably playing at the level of his abilities.

    Braeuer - Approached the coaching change like basketball was a business. Would have been the Senior leader who directed the rest of the team in running the new system. Early in the season there were a lot of posts saying that if Braeuer went down, this season was going down. It happened.

    Mekel - Learning to be a D1 PG. His pre-enrollment hype was ridiculous. It was said he was an NBA-potential PG. That was ludicrous, but Mekel is being held to that expectation.

    Original: Graham and Hatch - Edited: Durley and Hatch: (More editing: This is like seeing Superman and Clark Kent chatting)- Can produce some Offense - unfortunately they produce Offense on both ends of the court. Give them a lot of minutes and the scores for both teams are probably 20 points higher, but the W/L record would probably be the same.

    Griskenas and Clemente - Working 1 JuCo in can be tough. 2 is a risk. Griskenas was just starting to look like he belonged on a D1 court when he got hurt. Clemente plays hard and works hard, but a 6'6" PF whose best Offense is in the paint will have trouble putting up points.

    Orukpe and Ellis - Both could probably have used a RS year. Ellis was forced on the court before he was ready and Orukpe never showed up.

    You can go down the roster player by player - take a worst case scenario and it about applies.

    I'm not going to put blame on the coaches or the players. A lot of good things had to happen for this to be a winning season. A lot of bad things had to happen for this to be a bottom-of-the-Valley season. A lot of bad things happened. The bad things built on each other to the point where WSU can put 5 players on the floor, but can't put a "team" on the floor.

    How many times has WSU had to alter their depth chart because of injuries to walkons?
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    Graham and Hatch do have that effect but they never play at the same time. Same thing goes for JT and Durley.


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      ha, thats what i was thinkin
      veni, vidi, vici


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        Phenomenal analysis Aargh. Absolute money with the statement "5 players on the floor but not a team".


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          Aargh, simply outstanding!
          "You Just Want to Slap The #### Outta Some People"


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            Another quaint macro point-of-view (excuse) but it still doesn't explain how you lead a cellar-dweller by 11 at the half and then proceed to come out in the second like you just picked up a basketball for the first time.

            There is no denying that we had our share of bad luck this season but winners usually can take whatever circumstances they are dealt with and create their own eventuality -making lemonade out of lemons if you will. Dana has gotten his share of bad luck over the years but always seems to outperform.

            Let ME take a stab at the the "oh-so-popular", diluted, macro view in analyzing our season this far:

            There is no way in heaven or hell that we should be at the bottom of the MVC with the players we have and the coaching staff we have. Especially considering it is a down year in the Valley.


            If we are 3/4ths the way through a season and our Division I basketball players still play like 5 men on the floor and not a team, who do we look at to take responsibility? Let me give you a multiple choice hint:

            A) The athletic director.
            B) The fans.
            C) The players.
            D) C0|db|00ded
            E) The coaching staff.

            I'll provide the answer key to anyone who requests it.




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                Originally posted by SubGod22




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                  I was thinking "D" too. I don't recall any "Paul Miller" stud photos here; these photos probably led to our Sweet 16 two years ago and their absence now might have been our downfall.
                  :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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                  Don't worry too much about it. Just do all you can do and let the rough end drag.


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                      Cold, your view is that either the players or the coach don't give a rats backside if they win or lose.

                      Cold, if you're the AD, what do you do?

                      A) Fire Marshall
                      B) Tell Marshall to get rid of the current team and bring in new players
                      C) Other - Explain
                      The future's so bright - I gotta wear shades.
                      We like to cut down nets and get sized for championship rings.


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                        Please don't ask me why/how I found these on one of my servers. Paul Miller = Mantastic (spoken in perfect, lisping homo-accent)

                        Everything would have been good if only Casey...!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

                        :rofl: :clap: ;-)




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                          Man, I thought Cold could have grabbed ahold of something that Aargh posted and we would be done with this.

                          I really hate diving into the pool of player-bashing, but you're leaving few options available.

                          Look, we have some players, decent role players. Most of these players managed to assist in pissing away a good season last year and now they're doing it again.

                          The team desperately needs a leader on the floor - there is no one that is capable of that. Matt's trying to manage standing up and thinking straight, don't expect him to take charge this quickly, it's not fair.

                          There is little penalty for uninspired play right now - who else can play? Who else is available? Would you prefer 3 on 5? We do that too much when there are 5 bodies on the floor.

                          Turgeon had to beg players last year to have a team meeting, that hasn't changed. Marshall is begging players to respond to anything he does to challenge them. Now when things start to go south in a game this year, it's "here we go again, waiting for something bad to happen." Marshall can't beat this out of them. He is powerless due to the injury issues.

                          Please, just let it go, take it for what it is. We don't need to pursue miracle cures or excruciating analysis of failures at this point.


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                            I think that there were two seniors that we were puttig a lot of weight on for our hopes of doing well this season, Matt and PJ. Matt went down and he was probably the player we could least afford to lose. PJ has had an okay year but not the year we hoped he would have.

                            Let's face it we have 4's trying to play 5 and 3's trying to play 4 and undersized 3's. Players more suited to the SG are running the point. Same thing we had last year, but we don't have Kyle Wilson, great 3/4 but not a center. Karon Bradley wanted to be a SG but outside of some ill advised shots was okay at the point. We also don't have SO on the outside, at least he played a little bit of defense, sadly he needed to move on to put some personal issues behind him.

                            Then in comes Marshall. 2 recuits asked to be released from their letters of commitment an other recuit dies and we are left with a guy no one has heard much of in the last two years. Between what MT left and what he could find late in the signing period HCGM put together the best team he could. Unfortunately not a team well suited to playing his style of basketball.

                            Next year things look better we have true centers and PFs and a true point guard and combo guards that can handle the rock.

                            We have a div 1 transfer that can jump out of the gym and can play either wing position. A point guard from the no 1 in the nation juco team. A 7 foot PF/C that may have a coulpe of inches left in him and can play back to the basket or facing the basket. At least one triple double in points, rebounds and blocks. Two 6'3" combo guards from Texas that can shoot and handle the rock. Another 7 footer is on his way from Nigeria if we can get him out of Africa. He played on a Basketball Without Borders all star team and reportedly run like a deer and can be a defensive presence. Two or more signings are likely in the spring.

                            This year may suck, but next year is a whole new ball game and it is just going to grow from there.


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                              You know I might be more concerned about this year's misfortunes if not for the wee little bit slide that occured starting in Vegas last season...That seems like a damn eternity now.

                              I mean it's like Cold forgets that some pretty bad things started under MT's watch last season (spanning 3/4 of '06-07) and he's not taking that into account.