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    Go has an article that announces a restructuring of responsibilities and those that administer those responsibilities. I was just wondering if that was an all inclusive list. If not I didn't see Russel Wilkins or Brent Kemnitz names listed at all. Wondering if they are still at WSU or just not listed for one reason or other? Inquiring minds want to know.

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    My understanding is that this article is about a restructuring of the athletic department primarily in areas involving student engagement and support that result in new or redefined roles and responsibilities.

    This includes an executive staff of six who presumably are direct reports to ADKS. New team members on the ICAA Executive Staff include Madison Stein-Mason (formerly Associate AD for Development & Administration at Arkansas State), Scott Barnhart (formerly Senior Associate AD for Business & Resource Operations at Murray State) and Kent Hegenauer (formerly Senior Associate AD at the University of Nevada-Reno) plus long-time Shocker staff members Alex Johnson, Tami Cutler and Brad Pittman.

    The rest of the people listed are either new staff members in the previous 12 months and other staff members with enhanced roles and responsibilites.

    Brent Kemnitz and Russell Wilkins, and numerous others, continue to be listed on the staff directory so their roles apparently remain the same.


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