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BU Replay on 22

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  • BU Replay on 22

    Under 8 TO. First half is still really ugly even knowing we are going to win.

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    My wife set the DVR to record the game because I had other commitments. Ch 22 had it broken up into 2 one-hour segment. The automatic record only got the first half. I got home and got to watch only the first half of the game, which wasn't the part I really wanted to watch. Now I get to see the second half.
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    We like to cut down nets and get sized for championship rings.


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      That first half was so poor. When you know it's coming and you watch for details it is so much worse. That was one lazy, unfocused basketball team.

      It did not have much to do with Bradley. I'm glad they got their butts chewed, not just because we went on to win, but they were literally sloughing off, like they were unconcerned.

      I hope that is the last time we see that.


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        It's on again. 12;00 am. Bradley just picked up the T. We're rolling.


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          Watching the Bradley game reminds me of what we're capable of, it kind of cleanses the palate after our little outing to Springfield.
          "Don't measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but by what you should accomplish with your ability."
          -John Wooden


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            I'm starting to wonder how many conference games BU will win. They're pretty bad w/o Ruffin.