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  • Team Chemistry

    After four games played this season the team chemistry is significantly improved; in fact, IMO the Shockers are demonstrating a team first attitude needed if the Shockers are to return to the Big Dance this coming March 2020. I am becoming more confident every day in my 22-24 victory prediction.

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    IMHO, this is easily the best team chemistry since the VanVleet/Baker/Cotton era. It's also only my opinion, but I believe chemistry was severely lacking on the 2018 team that lost early in the NCAA tourney. There were some issues with that team that did not (and should not) get any public attention.
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      this team reminds me a lot of the 12-13 and 13-14 team in that they all seem to be having fun and enjoy being around each other. its early and opinions are subject to change.. but they're off to a good start.

      the teams after fred, ron, and tekele graduated seemed to have a "me first" attitude and didn't value leadership, taking care of the ball, and playing defense to coach's standards. its no surprise that those classes (with the exception of last year) under performed expectations.