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Wichita State vs East Carolina Pre-Game Thread

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  • Wichita State vs East Carolina Pre-Game Thread

    We are the beginning of a long journey, a 4 step journey with each step being harder than the last. With the prize being something so sought out for, that some teams decline invitations to the next best thing, because they want this. A bid to the NCAA Tournament.

    The first step is occupied by East Carolina, a 10-20 team that was able to knock off Cincinnati somehow and beat Tulane twice to notch a staggering 3 conference wins in the year.

    Wichita State is 2-0 against the Pirates this season, notching a 16 point road victory, then following up with a 17 point drubbing at the Roundhouse. ECU is no match for our band of fiery freshman and our spectacular seniors.

    Winner gets the privilege to play the Temple Owls the next day.

    KenPom predicts a 72-62 Wichita State victory.

    Watch this game at 9 CT on ESPNU. If you have an early bedtime, you better push it back.

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    I still can't believe ECU knocked off Cincy. Must have been a real bad off day for Cincy. Time for the Shockers to kill the Pirates once again!
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      Be nice to get a big lead early to empty the bench and save the legs for Friday!


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        Originally posted by Horn28Clem30 View Post
        Be nice to get a big lead early to empty the bench and save the legs for Friday!
        That would be nice. But we have to be careful. This year's team has on occasion given up big leads.


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          If they can beat Cincy, they can beat us. If we can struggle against an 0-18 Tulane, we can struggle against an ECU team. I take nothing for granted with this team. As they say, it is very hard to beat the same team three times in a year. That said, I say we win by 11.


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            Looking forward to a nice easy confidence building game where we win by 20+, and every player gets a significant number of minutes.

            Be nice if we shot well too.


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              Another "trap" game...


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                first d-1 postseason tournament game for one of the youngest teams in america, wichita state. i hope the roller coaster ride doesn't suddenly take a drop.


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                  No prediction, just get er done!
                  I have come here to chew bubblegum and kickass ... and I'm all out of bubblegum.


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                    Over the years, we're at our best with quiet confidence. Go to work, and play angry.

                    Survive and advance.


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                      Shockers opened as 10.5+ point Favorites.


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                          Shox by a lot!
                          Rip em up, Tear em up, Give em HELL Shockers!


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                            If we shoot the ball decent and take care of the ball we win comfortably. If not then it could come down to the last 5 minutes. Pressure is on the team who is suppose to win “us”.


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                              JE with a HUGE game Thursday. I feel it!!!
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