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    1. On the post game show, Phil talked about Coach Marshall's nine non-negotiables and check marks. Does anyone know about this subject?

    2. Call me crazy, but Ellis and Durley are getting more comfortable with each passing game. Durley is really gaining confidence.

    3. Last night, I saw Durley sprint, yes, sprint down the floor. I have never seen him run that fast before. I was impressed.

    4. My favorite play of the night was not PJ's throw down. Durley caught a pass down low. He spun to his right to put up a ball off the glass and the ball went neatly in the hole. However, Durley was called for a foul and the basket was called off. What impressed me was Durley's power, his quick decision to take the ball up, his nice touch off the glass, and the defensive man picking his @ss up off the floor. I thought the call could have gone either way, but my bud said it was a foul.

    5. When I watch Griskenas, I swear if not for his shooting woes, he could be starting. For a white guy, he is really athletic. When I watch him, the word "glide" come to mind.

    6. I was interested in the starting line-up last night because I was sure Coach Marshall would start who he considers his best players at their respective positions. Ellis started the last game for a specific purpose.

    7. When tournament time rolls around, we will have a different line-up than last night. I am not gonna name names. I have one specific person in mind, who is not a starter, but will start in St. Louis.

    8. You can tell by the ball release that the 3 ball shooting woes is affecting the players. I thought Mantas had the best form last night. PJ needs to shut it down for awhile. I swear, his shot gets more flat with each game. Last night, he shot two ugly balls. Overall, he was 0-3.

    9. God help us, if Matt goes down. There is little doubt in mind that he is the MVP. No doubt. Not even a sliver.

    10. My second most favorite play last night occurred when Ellis drove from the left side to the basket for a jam. It woulda, coulda, shoulda been a great throw down, but he was called for a foul. There is no way, he would have attempted that shot in previous games. His growth is in small increments, but he has a shot of being a very fine player.

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    Ellis is going to be a scary match up problem for Valley teams for the next 4 years. I could really see his confidence growing.
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      To expand on Ellis, I liked the jumper he made. It was the exact type of shot Marshall described on a previous coach's show. He said something to the effect of, "Ellis hits shots in practice where, because of his height and elevation, doesn't realize he's not open."

      On the down side, what was with that foul where he was coming in from a perpendicular angle and practically ran the ball handler over?

      I have a feeling that Ellis will be a frustrating player to watch this season. He'll look good and bad in consecutvie trips down the floor. But his sophomore year could be pretty special when he starts eliminating those freshman mistakes.


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        I agree that Matt is currently the MVP, in part because he is playing well, and in part because we have no one else who can fill that role.


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          I noticed several things last night that I hadn't really seen before:

          1. Ellis has a nice, smooth release on his jump shot that only an interior player would have a chance at blocking. Everthing from going up to follow through to coming down headed for the goal looked nice.

          2. Griskenas uses his body very well to get people to go where he wants. I watched several LSU players going hard after a rebound only to be blocked out of the play leaving an easy rebound for his teammates. Also saw him lay several screens that left MB wide open to the basket. Not to mention his face when that 3 fell. Next time down the court he got it again wide open, but didn't take it. He listened to his head and not his emotion in making one as Coach Marshall didn't want a quick 3 there, and Coach patted him on the back for it.

          3. Durley will have a "Falker" type reputation inside next year so badly that Stutz should develop quickly. They won't know who to put thier big guy on as which ever one is guarded by a big will step out and knock down a 3, or lay it off easy inside...speaking of the look from 3 Griskenas had where he faked then bounce passed down low to Durley for an easy dunk as shot clock expired!!

          4. Gal seemed more comfortable handling the backcourt pressure from a slow and controlled standpoint. MB seemed to just sprint up the floor, where Gal was much more controlled and is big and strong enough to protect the ball while keeping containted. Not a knock on MB...just and observation.

          5. Preadom's block and then layup really showed like he may be able to hang around for next year. His defense is there, as proven by late steal, and his atleticism was proven by the reverse layup through the trees. Was very impressed with his minutes.

          6. Clemente seemed to really be in the LSU bigs' heads. Twice I saw them reacting to something he said. Would have loved to have been close enough to hear what he was saying. Anyone doubting that he can compete with the 6'10 and 6'11 guys needs to just look at the stat line to know he can, and he will excel next year with Stutz and hopefully EO.

          7. Ellis will be a stud. Reminds me of Tayshaun Price. Nice shot, can play stronger than he looks, and is really long and quick. He will evolve into an all conference player, probably by his JR year if not sooner.


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            Originally posted by RoyalShock
            On the down side, what was with that foul where he was coming in from a perpendicular angle and practically ran the ball handler over?
            He was beat and was just getting a little physical. It worked out for us as the shooter missed the second free throw. Plus we had the fouls to give.


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              Originally posted by pinstripers
              I agree that Matt is currently the MVP, in part because he is playing well, and in part because we have no one else who can fill that role.
              Gal will get there. That said, Matt's speed was a huge asset in this game last night. Early on he went coast to coast and burned LSU with his speed and that is all it took to get them moving down the court much quicker. That wore them out and with out a real bench, that helped greatly. That will always be a valuable asset.


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                They couldn't keep Matt from driving by them. It was great. There's a lot of potential on this team and we caught a glimpse of what could be last night.
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                  Did anyone find it curious that Butler did not see the floor last night given the score late in the game? Any insight regarding Butler?


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                      Ellis didn't start.

                      SUB IN : Ellis, Aaron 10:54

                      SUB OUT: Couisnard, PJ 10:54

                      SUB OUT: Mekel, Gal 10:54

                      SUB OUT: Thomasson, Phillip 10:54

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                        not surprised about butler not seeing the floor. we really didnt play anybody besides are normal players. since lsu didnt have a very deep bench they didnt play their "scrubs" and still had there athletes in i dont think we could put our deep bench guys in because they would not be able to handle lsu's athleticism.


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                          From my view LSU actually turned up their intensity a little in the last couple of minutes until the end. If I were coach, I would not have wanted to put Butler, Burley and Hatch in cold like that.


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                            Originally posted by RoyalShock
                            From my view LSU actually turned up their intensity a little in the last couple of minutes until the end. If I were coach, I would not have wanted to put Butler, Burley and Hatch in cold like that.
                            Not to detract from the Shockers win but LSU did not have to turn the dial very far to turn up their intensity. I was Shocked at how easily the Shocks dominated the boards against LSU.

                            I give a lot of credit to that to HCGM and his players for taking it to LSU.

                            If someone had told me before the game that it would be a 20-point game and the Shocks would go 2-19 from behind the Arc and then asked me to pick the winner, no doubt I would have said, what a no-braienr, LSU of course. Sports can really be strange at times.

                            Hopefully, what the Shocks will take away from this game is to bring this same level of intensity and determination to each and every game and good things will happen.

                            I am confident our perimeter shooting will pick up at some point. I don't think we have any pure shooters, but we have a bunch of capable shooters. No way will we continue at this 10-65 (15%) pace. Right now the bad 3-point shooting has become a mental thing. The guys just need to clear their heads and stroke it. I thought, especially in the first half, almost everyone to a man was try to guide the ball into the basket. That ain't never going to work. Mantas and Gal looked good on their 2nd half makes and seemd loose and relaxed on their releases.

                            Missing these shots can be contagious. Same thing can be said about making them. We need one or two guys to begin stroking it and, hopefully, the rest of the guys will relax a little and before you know it were back in form from the arc.

                            UAB is probably going to be a much tougher game than what LSU brought to the Chuck. That will give us better measuring stick to see if we are finally "getting it".

                            It was great to see that the Coaches and team did not let the two losses to UTA and UMKC get them down. That was a very big positive in my mind.

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                              sweet game to watch. coach marshall complety and otterly out coached Brady. our D destroyed them. I know they're going through a ton of injuries right now... but i didn't expect them to be this bad.

                              i think we play to the level of our oppenents. i took the name 'LSU' for our players to pull it together.

                              we still couldn't buy a 3 pointer.

                              i predicted we'd lose unless we shot respectable from beyond the arc.... i had no idea the tigers were that bad.

                              i was proud of the crowd (though i was only watching on tv)

                              i loved PJ's dunks. they were sweet. i loved our usual rebounding and toughness.

                              the very first minute of the game we were rejected 3 times! i couldnt help but laugh. i'm glad our guys didn't get discoutaged.

                              i hope we can learn from this win and duplicate the same passion for every game.

                              i'm surprised that the LSU boards were saying stuff like "we lost to a horrible team"... and so on...
                              i thought we looked like we could beat just about anyone... i guess they may have said that cause we can't make any jump shots.

                              50 rebounds!! dang. that's impressive.

                              i jumped out of my chair when mantas hit that three pointer. i was so proud. i was hoping that the next time down court he'd attempt another one!

                              i was pleased with just about everything in this game. we'd played hard. it was fun. everyone did well. we had bad luck with the 3-ball. on tv it looked like most of the three pointers were guarded decently... (unlike the UTA game i attended, where we were absolutely wideopen on about a dozen attempts...)

                              preadoms layup was sweet. i was happy for him. he had a nice block on the fast break layup that was called a foul. in the camera replay it was all ball and i don't recall any body either... i think his left leg hit the lsu players left leg in mid air, thats about all the contact in remember seeing.

                              phil blocked that tall dudes dunk.
                              i think ramon and pj also had some nice blocks.

                              anyhow... overall, a very nice game. very fun to watch. i don't think lsu's gonna help the RPI too much (especially in the long run) BUT it helped wichita's economy. so thats good.
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