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The Basketball Tournament - Wichita Regional

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  • I’m excited to finally see the Elam ending in action.


    • Horn28Clem30
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      Watched this last year, and it's wonderful IMO. A lot cleaner finish, and a buzzer beater (to partial effect) every game.
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  • I estimated last week the based on the prize money for the Wichita regional that ticket sales were in the 3500-5000 range. So the 4,200 number Taylore Eldridge is reporting is right in the middle of that range.

    I do think that there will be a significant late buying and walk up business but I do not expect a sell out. If the AfterShocks and Self Paid team match up on Saturday that could generate a big walk up business.


    • TBT Fan Information

      Perhaps this will boost ticket sales:

      • Bottle caps will NOT be removed from beverages purchased at the concession stand

      Now what I am really interested in seeing is:

      • Games will feature the Elam Ending: At the first stoppage at or under 4:00 in the fourth quarter timed play ends. If free throws are part of the stoppage they will be shot before the target score is calculated. Target score is calculated by adding eight points to the leading team's point total. First team to reach the target score wins.


      • abdullah_sharif
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        i always bring a few bottle caps from home... am i alone in this?


      Here is TBT's podcast reviewing the Wichita Region


    • RH: TBT Shuts Off Clock Late in Games

      Sully takes a look at the Elam Ending with comments from Coach Karon and a few of the players.


      • Some of this has already been covered but there are a couple of other things that are a little different from NCAA rules:

        Game Rules for TBT 2019. The Basketball Tournament will observe all 2018-2019 NCAA Men’s Basketball Rules & Guidelines with the following adjustments/exceptions:

        Timing – TBT will play four (4) nine (9) minute quarters per game/stopped time with the last portion of the fourth (4th) quarter being un-timed, as described below in Paragraph f.
        i. Half-time will be 10 minutes in length.
        ii. Pre-game/Warm-up time will be 10 minutes in length or the announced game-time, whichever is greater.

        b. Team Time-outs – Each team will have three (3) 30 second timeouts (of which two (2) will carry over to the 2nd half) and one (1) sixty (60) second timeout. Timeouts may be called by players or coaches.

        c. Media Timeouts – Media timeouts will occur at the first clock stoppage under the 4:00 marks of each quarter. The timeouts will be sixty (60) seconds in duration. When a timeout is granted and creates a dead ball with thirty (30) seconds or less before any of the media marks, or creates the first dead ball after one of the media marks, that timeout will become the scheduled media timeout.

        d. Personal Fouls – A player will be disqualified after their 6th personal foul.

        e. Bonus – On the 5th foul of each quarter, all non-shooting fouls will be awarded 2 FT’s.

        f. Elam Ending Rules –At the first stoppage at or under 4:00 of the 4th quarter, the game clock stops and timed play ends. At this juncture, a target score shall be set, equal to the leading team's score plus eight (8). After returning from the media timeout, play shall resume without a game clock but with the shot clock, until one team matches or exceeds the target score.
        Example: Team A leads Team B 70-63 at the first stoppage under 4:00. The game clock is turned off while the shot clock remains on. The target score is set to 78. The first team that reaches 78 wins the game.

        g. Monitor Reviews - Officials will have the use of replay review governed by 2018-19 NCAA rules. Any review that is only allowed in the last 2 minutes, will only be allowed when the Elam ending Target Score is within 3 points.

        h. Goaltending - A player cannot touch the ball on its downward flight towards the rim, nor can a player reach through the basket to play, or alter the flight of the ball.
        However, once the ball strikes the ring, any player can play the ball. Once the ball is in the basket, the offense can no longer violate. Any attempt by the defense to knock away a free-throw after it hits the rim will be deemed goaltending and result in one (1) point for the foul shot. If the offense interferes with a free-throw attempt, a successful free-throw will not count.


        • Stickboy46
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          That Goaltending rule is a little interesting. So if a shot bounces up off the rim, you can grab it? even if it's over the cylinder?

        • 1972Shocker
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          At least on field goal attempts it sounds like you can grab the ball or even slap the ball away after the ball makes contact with the rim. However, this apparently is not allowed on free throws. At least that is how I read that rule.

      • I love Elam ending, but, just curious, how would it handle a double foul where each team gets FTs?


        • shoxtop
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          My guess would be offsetting penalties. Replay the down.

      • Do you think Gregg Marshall will be in attendance? That would seem so weird to me to see him sitting in the stands watching his WSU players.
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            What is the trick on pasting the full tweet directly into a message? Haven't been able to figure that out.

          • RoyalShock
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            In the tweet there is a menu for other actions. Choose "Copy link to tweet". In ShockerNet, as you're composing your post, click the twitter icon and paste the link between the tags.

        • Where's Cle?


          • ... and Marcus Armstead?


            • Crazy to think that Hannah already 31 years old.
              Phi Alpha


              • Cotton?
                Auf geht's Shockers, Shieß on tooor!
                Sheiß on tOOOOr ...
                Sheiß on toooOOOOoooor!


                • I believe an article or tweet from Taylor said Cotton and Early would arrive late this week.
                  You miss 100% of the shots you don't take....

                  .....but, statistically speaking, you miss 99% of the shots you do take.


                  • Curious if 'Self Bought & Paid' will be practicing in Koch Arena prior to the tournament? I know they're used to 'standing room only' crowds when practicing in Wichita.

                    "You Just Want to Slap The #### Outta Some People"