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Ted versus DH?

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  • Ted versus DH?

    I don't know if this has been mentioned or I am just in the dark, but I like Ted Woodward's game call as PAA . . .not over the top, but good energy - easily understood. It would be OK with me if he now has the nod, but what is the story?
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    Except Ted is 0-2 as a PA announcer. I do agree it’s time for a change. Somebody that the opposing teams loathe.


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      I really liked Ted's delivery! Especially the player's names after the scored! The only thing he didn't do was the "_______ for a Shocker 3" which I've grown accustomed to.
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        HUGE improvement. YUGE!!
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          It was great yesterday. Lots of energy


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            yes. don is much better on the radio.. imo ted is better as the game pa than radio.