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2018-19 Transfers

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  • Great get for the good guys.
    Last edited by Shocktoberfest; April 16th, 2019, 11:25 AM.


    • Grant Sherfield‏ @gsherfield5

      “Glad to be back where it all started. I’m coming home.” #goshockers

      9:03 AM - 16 Apr 2019


      • Nice!!! Welcome Grant! Welcome Home!!!
        FINAL FOURS:
        1965, 2013

        NCAA Tournament:
        1964, 1965, 1976, 1981, 1985, 1987, 1988, 2006, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

        NIT Champs - 1 (2011)

        AP Poll History of Wichita State:
        Number of Times Ranked: 157
        Number of Times Ranked #1: 1
        Number of Times Top 5: 32 (Most Recent - 2017)
        Number of Times Top 10: 73 (Most Recent - 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017)

        Highest Recent AP Ranking:
        #3 - Dec. 2017
        #2 ~ March 2014

        Highest Recent Coaches Poll Ranking:
        #2 ~ March 2014
        Finished 2013 Season #4


        • Winning!
          I have come here to chew bubblegum and kickass ... and I'm all out of bubblegum.


          • Dude!!! Excellent news!


            • Fantastic news!


              • I am so excited about next season already!



                  6'10" PF grad transfer with one year to play, immediately eligible. Had a WSU offer in high school


                  • NCAABound
                    NCAABound commented
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                    Wow he'll probably want to go somewhere with National Championship aspirations. He'll be highly coveted.

                  • Shock Top
                    Shock Top commented
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                    Would be perfect.

                  • shock
                    shock commented
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                    Gotta be UK bound

                • Originally posted by pinstripers View Post

                  6'10" PF grad transfer with one year to play, immediately eligible. Had a WSU offer in high school
                  Blackshear was very impressive during this year's Charleston tourney; IMO he would move the Shockers to the top of the AAC next season.


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                    • He also had an offer from aTm, which is where his former coach from VaTech went. Would love to have him in a Shocker uni though.


                      • Verbal Commits@VerbalCommits 4h4 hours ago More
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                        Former Akron F Daniel Utomi is transferring to USC. @KINFOLKDAN


                        • Shockm
                          Shockm commented
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                          USC meaning South Carolina or Southern California?

                        • ShockTalk
                          ShockTalk commented
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                          The site shows it's the Trojans.

                      • Great news. We definitely have the height this year.


                        • Kansas, UK plus many other schools are probably going all out to get Blackshear. WSU certainly needs a tall, experienced 4 for the upcoming season, but my glass half full tells me it won't be Blackshear.


                          • choida
                            choida commented
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                            Hard no... If he has attitude issues

                          • WSUwatcher
                            WSUwatcher commented
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                            If he got along well with Buzz, he'll probably be an Aggie. If not, there will be a whole bunch of name brands after him, some of whom can get him all the Adidas gear he wants, if you know what I mean...

                        • Eli Farrakhan in transfer portal.


                          • Stickboy46
                            Stickboy46 commented
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                            "They like to obsess over the fact that we let walk-ons leave to get D1 scholarships at Mo Valley level schools"

                            Yes .. and that makes us a "dumpster fire" according to them. Seriously, he just used those words ... It's so much fun to poke the bear over there, well i mean the mentally handicapped runt cub more so than bear.

                          • GottliebHater
                            GottliebHater commented
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                            They also just dropped this "fire" take over on the BradleyFools fansite.

                            "believe as you wish - but it has more traffic than any other Valley site and even more than your Shocker site
                            ..but then even if it didn't - get back to me when you have more consecutive NCAA appearances than we do..."

                            Am I missing something here...alternate history timeline?

                          • SHOCKvalue
                            SHOCKvalue commented
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                            Oh lawdy! CBB relevance smack from Bradley? My goodness, get a clue! Enjoy being in an auto-bid, 14-16 seed conference for the rest of your existence.