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Wichita State vs Southern Miss Game Thread

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  • Wichita State vs Southern Miss Game Thread

    When: Sat, December 15, 4:30pm – 6:30pm
    Where: Wichita, Kan., INTRUST Bank Arena (map)
    Description: Wichita State Men's Basketball vs Southern Miss
    TV: CBS Sports Network
    Radio: KEYN 103.7 FM
    Streaming Audio:

    If you have cut the cord you can watch this with a subscription to these services:

    Kung Wu say: "If Chuck Norris had a coach, his name would be Gregg Marshall."

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    These refs are horrible. Horrible shot selection. That wasn't a charge. Stupid turnover. Call a time out.
    Since I won't be posting during the game since I'll be at IBA, thouoght I'd just get this on the record.
    "I not sure that I've ever been around a more competitive player or young man than Fred VanVleet. I like to win more than 99.9% of the people in this world, but he may top me." -- Gregg Marshall 12/23/13
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    "We have to pass it, to find out what's in it".

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    "That's the definition of a stool sample."


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      SHJ, what the ‘F’ was that?
      "You Just Want to Slap The #### Outta Some People"


      • C0|dB|00ded
        C0|dB|00ded commented
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        Fking glory-hound Juco baller! Send his entire family to the bench! Die! Die! Die!



    • #4
      Last time we played southern miss as the IBA game I kinda remember something like 9000 fans and Marshall saying something. Wonder what it will be like this time around. Hope we win


      • WuDrWu
        WuDrWu commented
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        Don't think there will be 9K there today.

      • WuShock16
        WuShock16 commented
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        I’m with Doc and quite frankly would put all the blame on those who priced this game. You cannot charge the same prices as OU and OSU games for a Southern Miss game, especially in a rebuilding year. The entire upper deck should have been sold at $10-15, not $18 and $27.

      • DUShock
        DUShock commented
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        If only they included it in the season ticket package...

    • #5
      Also we barely won after coming from behind and then we went to the final 4 so there’s that.


      • #6
        I think we see a much better performance from our shockers today. More of a complete game than we have seen in a while.


        • pinstripers
          pinstripers commented
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          and why do you think that?

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        Originally posted by Jhook89 View Post
        I think we see a much better performance from our shockers today. More of a complete game than we have seen in a while.
        Hope you are right. It is about time we start seeing a turnaround, even if it is a rather mild one..


        • #8
          Chance Moore still not suited up (back)


          • Shockersarelife
            Shockersarelife commented
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            Redshirt candidate?

          • 1972Shocker
            1972Shocker commented
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            Only if he injury is serious enough to end his season. Otherwise he has already burned this year.

        • #9
          Oh boy, got the “A” team CBS announcers. Evidently both teams are the Shockers.


          • #10
            SHJ fine so far


            • #11
              Etch has a wide open dunk and instead, choses to miss a two-foot bank shot


              • Walker
                Walker commented
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                The NBA 3pt line threw him off.

            • #12
              Ugh JE. Love hate what he's done so far. Rebounding good on one end. Multiple offensive screw ups


              • #13
                Have to hit the bunnies


                • #14
                  Jamie needs to get the butter off his fingers


                  • #15
                    ES is probably the slowest moving 5 I've ever seen. Lol
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