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Going back to before you vote!

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  • Going back to before you vote!

    Before there is a meltdown on the board I thought I would throw out another topic for discussion. Should we change our name back to WU? I personally believe it sounds less regional and less "mid major". Which list do you believe we belong with as like institutions? I personally think that University of Wichita sounds and feels best for who we are. We could be known as WU (Much like the University of Kansas is KU)

    This list isn't all inclusive but is pretty accurate...

    Boise State
    Murray State
    Wright State
    Chicago State
    Cleveland State
    Coppin State
    Jacksonville State
    Kent State
    Morehead State
    Morgan State
    Norfolk State
    San Diego State
    Youngstown State
    Wichita State

    University of Akron
    University of Dayton
    University of Cincinnati
    University of Houston
    University of Louisville
    University of Memphis
    University of Pittsburgh
    University of San Francisco
    University of Tulsa
    University of Denver
    University of Evansville
    University of Wichita

    Auburn University
    Boston University
    Bucknell University
    Butler University
    Campbell University
    Colgate University
    Cornell University
    DePaul University
    Drexel University
    Duke University
    Duquesne University
    Elon University
    Gonzaga University
    Hampton University
    Hofstra University
    Howard University
    Lamar University
    Lehigh University
    Liberty University
    Lipscomb University
    Marquette University
    Marshall University
    Monmouth University
    Oral Roberts University
    Pepperdine University
    Princeton University
    Rice University
    Saint Louis University
    Syracuse University
    Temple University
    Tulane University
    Xavier University
    Wichita University

    What do you all think? I need a break from Basketaball for a couple of days...

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    If we change our name do we loose all the LOI that signed with WSU?


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      The University of Wichita fits the best. The city employs thousands of WSU grads and WSU's impact is far greater within the city than it is in the State. So I don't feel the word 'State' applies.


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        The whole let's change our name thing is something I just don't get..... kind of like certain folks wanting to change Fort Hays State to University of Western Kansas. Do we really have that much of an (inferiority) identify crisis?

        They want to trade the State moniker for a directional moniker. We want to drop the State moniker and go back 40 years to where we were before.

        My father graduated from Wichita University in the 50s (or whatever we were called). I suppose being called U of Wichita or Wichita U might help, or it might make us sound small townish like Drake, Washburn, Evansville, Friends, Newman, Tabor, etc, etc, etc....

        I guess the bottom linie for me is, I really don't care what others think. If I did, I wouldn't have gone to WSU in the first place....

        I went to Wichita State - it's good enough for me...
        Kansas is Flat. The Earth is Not!!


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          University of Wichita v. University of Tulsa -makes sense to me! ;-)

          Anything that identifies WSU closer to Wichita is a good thing because this town truly loves its college. KU gets N.E. Kansas, KSU gets the desert and all the cow patties it can collect, and we get the Greater Wichita Metropolitan Area which includes nearly 700,000 people.

          University of Wichita. I'm all for it!




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            To me the name describes who you are and what you are about. Let's face it our school out on the Hill is Wichita. There is nothing more unique and engrained in the city than the university. The Shockers own Wichita and they always will.

            Conversely the average Kansan residing 50-60 miles outside of Wichita has little to no identity with the school (relatively speaking). And as a proud alum I have abolutely no problem with that. I could care less that Farmer Bob out in Hill City, KS has no idea who Dave Stallworth is or that we have a pretty fair B-School here in Wichita. Just as long as we own the keys to the city along with the minds and hearts of Wichitans then that is good enough for me.

            Therefore, IMO, the University of Wichita or Wichita University is a more fitting name that best depicts the institution for what it truly stands for.


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              I am Wichita State Univerisity!

              3 bachelors from WSU!

              So do you want us to be UWS

              Silly Poll We are WSU!

              I am a KC born Shocker and I am proud of it!

              :goshocks: 8) 8) 8)
              I have come here to chew bubblegum and kickass ... and I'm all out of bubblegum.


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                No, he doesn't want us to be UWS...

                He wants us to be WU or UW....
                Deep in the heart of couldn't give a crap about college basketball-land and I miss the SHOX.
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                  University of Wichita sounds good to me. This is nothing like what FHSU was going to do.


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                    I was thinking more along the lines of being known as "Wichita" much like Louisville, Memphis, Cincinatti, Tulsa etc...


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                      Originally posted by Shockerman
                      I was thinking more along the lines of being known as "Wichita" much like Louisville, Memphis, Cincinati, Tulsa etc...
                      Al lot of people (outside the area) leave out the state now anyways and just call us Wichita.

                      I wouldn't mind us being the University of Wichita because of the many reasons listed above. Most of our fans concentrate only around Wichita so it makes perfect sense.

                      The Wichita University thing would never work. You're comparing us to DePaul, Temple, Tulane, etc., where those schools are named for people, not for cities. Therefore that possibility is out.
                      Deuces Valley.
                      ... No really, deuces.
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                        "The Wichita University thing would never work. You're comparing us to DePaul, Temple, Tulane, etc., where those schools are named for people, not for cities. Therefore that possibility is out."

                        Ever heard of Boston University?


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                          I agree completely.

                          I like the University of Wichita or Wichita University.

                          Cincinatti, Memphis, Tulsa, Miami, etc.

                          I think it would help.


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                            the only reason we put state in the name is so we can be a STATE funded college instead of paying our own way.
                            "Say it slowly and savor it..."
                            Nothing worse than sCUm/sKUm


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                              Is that the case with KU?

                              Washburn gets lots of state $$ too.

                              Memphis, Cincinatti and Pittsburgh are all state schools too.