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2018-2019 Bracketology

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  • 2018-2019 Bracketology

    Joe Lunardi has released his way too early bracketology for the 2018-2019 season:

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    If it was Let's Make a Deal, I think we take an 8/9 seed as of today...
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    • FadedCrown
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      Nah imma have to go with what's behind Curtain number 3, hope it is not a zonk

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    Duke and Lehigh in the 1st round, heh


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      SHOX vs The Fighting Heiars. I like the storyline.
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        Lunardi has more confidence in GGG than some here in this chat room. WSU a 9 seed and better than sCUm at a 10 seed. Cincy at a 4, Houston as 8 seed.


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          3 bids out of the AAC (same as the Pac12)... lots of wildcards that could add more ...


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            Lunardi thinks we will be one of the top 36 teams by Selection Sunday. I don't see that as a stretch. We should be.
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              Originally posted by Woodrow View Post
              Lunardi thinks we will be one of the top 36 teams by Selection Sunday. I don't see that as a stretch. We should be.
              I personally think it's a major stretch myself. I hope i'm wrong, but i'm going into next year expecting nothing.


              • Woodrow
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                I vividly remember starting 2012-13 after losing Ragland, Kyles, Ben Smith, Toure, and Stutz thinking we were going to be down and out for at least a year. Newcomers: Cleanthony, VanVleet, Baker, Malcolm, Lufile, Coleby, Wiggins decided not to let that happen. None of us knew what we really had in that group and I believe we are underestimating this group coming in as well. In Marshall we trust.

              • 60Shock
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                Woodrow, you are partially right in your above comment that our terrific bunch of new players for the 2012-2013 season helped carry us through. But you completely avoided mentioning the significant players we had returning that year which is vastly different from what we have this year. Steady, proven players like Orukpe, Evan Wessel, Detmetric Williams, Jack White. And let us not forget, two of GM's best players ever, Carl Hall and Tekele Cotton.

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              "Bracketology: Reactions to Way Too Early Bracketology for 2019" - FanSided Sports

              by Tristan Freeman
              Posted: 04/09/19, 8:00am cst


              "A few days ago, we here at Busting Brackets decided to release our own Way Too Early Bracketology for next season already. Here are some thoughts I had about the projected 68 teams.

              The 2017-18 college basketball season is over and before we can even finish recapping another great season, many of us have already started previewing next year. It can’t be helped, with the transfers, draft decisions and coaching moves making us all think about the impact it’ll have. One of them is our very own writer extraordinaire Lukas Harkins who constructed a “Way Too Early” Projection of the 2019 NCAA Tournament, with seeds and even a bubble to go with it....

              2. Respect for Gregg Marshall and Wichita State
              Before I even clicked on the first page, I knew that the Shockers would be included. And they were – as a “Last 4 In” team. But how? Seven players are leaving, including star point guard Landry Shamet. And with the AAC projected to get just three teams in, the margin of error is basically none. The answer is simple – it’s Wichita State. They’ve made the NCAA Tournament seven years in a row now, and whether the Shockers needed the automatic bid, Gregg Marshall and company found a way to get in. The reality is some programs get the benefit of the doubt regardless of talent lost or gained, and Wichita State has become one of them. Would you bet against them missing out? I wouldn’t, even if they need to win the AAC Tournament to get in....'


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                "Bracketology: Changes after NBA draft early-entry deadline" - ESPN

                By Joe Lunardi
                Posted: 04/24/18


                "Want to see how the NCAA tournament field might look in 2019? Joe Lunardi anticipates heavy representation from the ACC...."

                6-Seed - Cincinnati
                8-Seed - Houston

                Last Four In
                Oklahoma State Cowboys
                Marquette Golden Eagles
                USC Trojans
                Texas A&M Aggies

                First Four Out
                Alabama Crimson Tide
                Arizona Wildcats
                Texas Longhorns
                Baylor Bears

                Next Four Out
                Saint Joseph's
                Indiana Hoosiers
                Creighton Bluejays
                Wisconsin Badgers


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                  But where's Memphis? I have been told on the AAC board that not only will Memphis win the AAC next year, but will win the natty, challenge for the NBA title, is a dark horse to win the Stanley Cup, and could possibly be the first team to land on the moon.
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                  • shock
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                    Careful, if you disagree with MemphisgodMemphis, thats grounds for banning.

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                  "Bracketology: Kansas and Duke are at the top of the way-too-early preseason bracket" - CBS Sports

                  by Jerry Palm
                  Posted; June 5, 2018


                  "Who's in and who's out of the bracket with a little over nine months until Selection Sunday...

                  Wichita State is also missing from the bracket for the same reason. Guard Landry Shamet opting for the NBA, along with the loss of several seniors, has pushed the Shockers into rebuilding mode this season. Gregg Marshall has been in seven straight NCAA tournaments, so do not be surprised if WSU finds a way into at least the bubble conversation, if not the field, but it is hard to be optimistic...."


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                    And ESPN has WSU as the "next four out" -



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                      WSU is one more tournament away from getting the Kentucky treatment from bracketologists. If we make it this upcoming year then we will be projected for the field regardless of crazy roster turnover.
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                      .....but, statistically speaking, you miss 99% of the shots you do take.


                      • Stickboy46
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                        Ironically .. Kentucky has missed the tourney more recently than us ...

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                      In 3G we trust!
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