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Who Should be the Democtratic Represenative for the 2024 Election

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    I concur it really doesn't matter because whoever it is will be controlled and told what to do by the same people. In addition, I believe that the Dems will already have banked enough illegal votes to ensure victory by election day.


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      Originally posted by 1972Shocker View Post
      I am not sure it really makes any difference. Not confident that Trump can win by a big enough margin to overcome the cheating, election interference efforts including ongoing lawfare, media attacks and what is largely a misinformed or uninformed low information electorate.
      He is definitely the only one that can though, if anybody can.
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        Originally posted by Kung Wu View Post

        He is definitely the only one that can though, if anybody can.
        Maybe, although I am not so sure of that. TDS is real and widespread to the point that a lot of voters are simply voting Not Trump regardless of who the candidate is on the other side. Would another candidate such as Ron DeSantis be able to attract a good portion of that anyone but Trump block of voters?

        If the Democrats are successful in replacing Joe as their candidate that automatically eliminates one of Joe's biggest challenges and that being his agent and mental capacity. As asiseeitpoints out that from a policy standpoint it really matters little who the Democrats put in place. Whoever it is will be, like Joe, a stand-in for the powers behind the throne. But there is probably a good chunk of folks who either are leaning toward Trump or are not voting might change to a Democrat voter just because the old man is gone with no regards to policy. In fact, if Joe pulls out look for the media to push the narrative that now the only old man in the race is Donald Trump.

        Actually, Trump's age is a legit concern. It's not today, but what will it be 4 years from now when he is 82. He may be totally undiminished at that point but you know the Democrat Media Complex will be throwing that out there to create as much FUD and they can.

        Beyond, all that what will be this election's "October" surprise? Always a wild card.


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          I just wish that (what what seems like) the majority of people would stop believing that the democrats are the good guys. This, I don't understand. I don't understand the benefit of the doubt that democrats seem to always get. The GOP seems to have to do everything perfectly or they lose. Yet the dems can be a complete snd utter failures on everything they touch and always have a chance.

          The propaganda machine in this country is strong and real.

          This is the reason for my pessimism. How do dems control every city?
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            Corruption and handouts


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