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WSU needs to bring back football - political version

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    It was easier to just move the whole thread.
    Kung Wu say, man who loses key to girlfriend's apartment gets no new key.


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      I’d love nothing more than to spend my fall Saturdays watching the Shox play football and I’d support it the best way I could, season tickets and donation in the range required to get tix. I just don’t see it ever happening in my lifetime. Yes, needing the funds and a mindset to build a quality framework and amenities is a huge barrier but the biggest IMO is something we just can’t change no matter how much money is in the bank, location. Kansas is a sparsely populated state and already has two FBS programs in a power conference and they struggle having both be successful at the same time. I understand that recruiting outside your state is paramount for any program success but having a local base is invaluable to the health to any non blue blood.
      Missouri has twice the population as Kansas only one FBS program. Oklahoma has three FBS programs but they have 33% more of a population base than Kansas. Colorado has four FBS programs but only one power conference and nearly twice the population. Arkansas is about the same in population and has two FBS programs but only one is in a power conference.
      Nearly any way you slice it, football would be a huge financial burden on the AD even if successful on the field. The amount money needed to fund our way through the disadvantages will be quite steep and if you try to do it on the “cheap” you’ll have nothing but a muddling middle of the road program at best that will never draw or create new fans at a rate to be profitable little loan attract the attention a better conference. Does the community at large and leadership have the appetite, stomach, and fortitude to do what is necessary to create and maintain a top half program?
      Which means for all intents and purposes selling your soul at all cost in the name of anything that could be for the betterment of football…
      If you're not going to go all the way, why go?


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        Originally posted by Shocker_Power View Post

        Sorry, I didn't mean to trigger you! But I am curious, and you don't have to answer this, has anyone inquired as to your whereabouts on 01/06/21?
        I don't think triggered means what you think it means. In no way, shape or form am I triggered by you. I simply pointed out how wrong you are and how unlikely you are to be rehabilitated back to normalcy in your life.

        I really do pray that you're able to overcome the unspeakable horror that occurred on January 6. Clearly it affects you to this day. Perhaps some day you'll be able to come to peace with those events that affected you so terribly.


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          Originally posted by Shockm View Post

          Is an example of what you are mentioning, like when a vaginoplasty is performed on a 12 year old male? Just who is the nut? You or I?
          Don’t the nuts get removed?