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Defunding/Abolishing Police

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  • Get those MAGA semi-fascists out of here...oh wait...


    • Originally posted by MikeKennedyRulZ View Post

      Get those MAGA semi-fascists out of here...oh wait...
      MAGA running loose in Memphis now. I am starting to think Biden was right.
      "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade." Better have some sugar and water too, or else your lemonade will suck!


      • The Daniel Shaver shooting is back in the news.

        Mr. Shaver was shot and killed by police while he was laying on his stomach, as ordered by police, in the hallway of a La Quinta Inn in Mesa, Arizona.

        The officer was cleared of any wrong doing by the police, but there was a trial for 2nd degree murder and lesser charges. He was found not guilty, although that could also be because the body cam video of the shooting was withheld from trial and jurors weren't allowed to see it, and therefore only had the word of the police officers responding since the victim was dead.

        The City of Mesa, and the taxpayers within, have paid out millions of dollars Mr. Shaver's parents and now his widow.

        The officer in question had previously had complaints of excessive force (he put a teenager in a headlock and slammed him to the ground. Witnesses said the teen wasn't doing anything wrong), and after the trial he was let go by the PD because of a history of misconduct, though he was rehired later and allowed to get some sort of medical discharge where he receives $2500 a month for the trauma he suffered in killing Mr. Shaver.

        The DOJ is still investigating the case for civil rights violations.

        How much money has this cost taxpayers? Again, holding bad cops accountable shouldn't be controversial and it helps all good cops and saves departments/taxpayers money. Instead, here we have taxpayers paying what I'm guessing is over $10M in settlements plus another $30K every year to the guy who caused it all. I'd guess the reason he was hired back on and allowed to medically retire is because his dad was/is a longtime officer in the department. Which is just more shady crap.

        Wife of Texas man killed by police in Arizona settles suit (

        And again, if a member of the military did something like this while in a combat zone they'd have been court-martialed and thrown in
        Leavenworth for their crimes. I've still never received an answer as to why our combat troops are held to a much higher standard for rules of engagement while being surrounded by people who may legitimately want to harm them than we do our civilian police force dealing with American citizens, of which very few actually want to harm them. I await the no response I'll ever get to that question when asked.
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