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    Originally posted by ShockerPrez View Post

    Oh yeah, simcoe was who he was. Great characters in that series. Robert Rogers was my personal favorite though.
    Still remember the amazement I got from that series, especially the Battle of Monmouth scene (look it up if you don't recall) when each side would fire their guns and then there was the reloading process and you kind of waited for the other side to get their shot off and hope you weren't hit. Crazy stuff. And Queen's Ranger Simcoe at the end was light years ahead of his time.

    Turn Battle of Monmouth on Youtube

    And the first time they left a letter for George Washington and the whole time I was thinking "crap they cast someone as Washington!" And then you see them leave the letter for Washington and it just looks completely lost in a pile of letters for Washington as if he would never see it. I know some of it was dramatized, but it really was sort of a historical lesson in many ways. Good stuff.


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      in no particular order...

      two and a half men
      pawn stars